Small Family Business

Small-Business Planning With a Rocky River Lawyer

Small businesses need the same level of commitment, advocacy and dedication that in-house attorneys dedicate to large corporations. You want an attorney who understands the needs of your business today and how to meet your goals in the future.

At Charles E. Mills & Associates in Rocky River, Ohio, we understand the needs of businesses in our community. Charles E. Mills is an Ohio native and skilled small-business planning lawyer who can help you with all of the issues that affect your bottom line.

With more than 25 years of experience in northern Ohio, Charles H. Mills can provide you with the advice and advocacy you need in corporate transaction and in business disputes. Contact our business law firm online or call us at 440-822-3375 toll free to discuss the needs of your small or family-owned business.

Addressing the Issues That Affect You Today, Protecting You Tomorrow

We can help you with all types of business issues, including:

  • Contract drafting: We work diligently to craft custom agreements that protect your interests and help you to avoid disputes down the road, including buy-sell agreements and shareholder agreements.
  • Lease negotiations: When you rent office space or other commercial property, it is important to have an attorney review the lease and help you negotiate the terms that will affect your tenancy.
  • Business formation: We can help you with your business from day one, helping you form a business entity with your goals in mind. Whether you need to limit liability through an LLC or want the flexibility of a partnership, we can help you understand your options.
  • Business litigation: We provide cost-effective representation to businesses in disputes, including breach of contract actions.
  • Partner and shareholder disputes: In a small business, any dispute between owners or shareholders can affect your bottom line in a big way. We can help you resolve your disputes quickly and efficiently to protect your business interests.
  • Business succession planning: Particularly in family-owned businesses, it is important to determine what will happen to the business if a partner becomes incapacitated or passes away. We can help you develop shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements and other documents to outline your wishes for future leadership.

Discuss Your Business Planning Needs With an Attorney

To speak with an attorney about your business-related matter, whether it is a dispute or you simply need advice, contact our law firm by e-mail or call us at 440-822-3375.