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Attorney Charles E. Mills in Cleveland — Managing Your Estate Administration

If you are facing the death of a family member and the administration of their estate, it is in your best interest to seek legal assistance to help guide you through this serious and complicated process. This is not the time to rely on casual input from friends and family. Please contact the Ohio law firm of Attorney Charles E. Mills.

Attorney Mills can provide you with the legal advice and professional skills you need to help you make the proper decisions and avoid problems down the road. He will put his thorough knowledge of Ohio state probate law and decades of experience in estate planning, probate services and administration to work for you.

Estate Administration Services Explained

When a person dies, the estate (assets owned by the deceased) of that person must be managed in a process called probate. The assets of the estate are gathered, debts paid and remaining assets distributed properly. If there is a will, the process is guided by the person who has been named executor or administrator for the estate. If no will exists, or if no one has been named, an administrator is appointed by the probate court, according to Ohio law.

Depending on the size of the estate, this task can be quite complicated and lengthy. The responsibilities of the person who is selected to administer the estate are specific and guided by law. These include:

  • Inventory, appraisal and collection of all the estate assets
  • Receiving payments due and paying debts of the estate
  • Paying all federal, state and local tax obligations
  • Gathering information about heirs and beneficiaries
  • Filing all required legal documents
  • Distribution of assets to heirs

Attorney Mills has been serving those in the Cleveland, Ohio area and suburbs for more than 25 years. His attention to detail, deadlines, and the interests of his clients have a proven track record of successful and thorough estate administration. Contact our estate planning law office for comprehensive estate administration.

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