Contesting a Will

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Fortunately most Wills accurately reflect the true wishes of the decedent and do not have to be contested. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the Will presented to the Court does not really reflect the true wishes of the deceased. Perhaps the testator (person making the Will) was not mentally competent at the time of execution, or was unduly influenced at the time he or she prepared the Will. Perhaps the Will was improperly executed. In any such case, you may find yourself with serious doubts of the validity of a will and you may wish to contest the Will. There are specific legal requirements and time periods for filing a Will Contest action. The law office of Charles E. Mills can guide you through a careful examination of your rights as a potential beneficiary and pursue a Will Contest if that is in your best interest..

With more than 25 years of experience in probate law and estate planning, Attorney Mills offers the knowledgeable help you need to properly proceed. He can assist you with the correct process for examination of the will and the conditions under which it was drawn up to determine how best to present your case to the court. With his thorough understanding of Probate law and the intricacies of the Will contest process, you can rest assured the details will be covered and deadlines met in a timely fashion.

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In Ohio, contesting a will can be complicated. First, you must ensure that you are a qualified person with a viable financial interest. Second, you must file the action within a very limited time period -typically three months from the time a Will has been accepted into probate. Finally, you must establish a legal basis for setting the Will aside such as the person who made the will was of unsound mind when the will was drawn up, or he or she was unduly influenced by another person or that the will was improperly or fraudulently prepared.

If you feel that a deceased loved one’s wishes have not been properly represented, contact our Cleveland Estate Planning and Probate law office. Ensure that you give yourself the best chance of successfully contesting the will and knowing that your and your family’s interests are protected with proper legal representation.

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