Transferring Real Estate to Heirs

Charles E. Mills – Your Estate Attorney to Assist in Non-Sale Property Transfers to Heirs

It is important to know who to trust to ensure that your estate is properly distributed. The last thing you want is to cause your loved ones’ confusion or to let a court decide what to do with your property. At the Cleveland, OH estate management law firm of Charles E. Mills, we can explain in detail how to transfer real estate and other property to your chosen heirs, without the typical complications and costs associated with real estate purchases. Attorney Mills offers peace of mind during the estate planning process, and provides individualized service to meet your estate planning needs.

Transferring Property to Heirs in Ohio

As of 2013, Ohio residents no longer pay state estate or inheritance taxes. However, federal estate tax is still levied against very large estates regardless of residency. Ohio residents who inherit property are free from being taxed at the state level, but depending on how assets are titled, Ohio law may require an estate to go through probate before the title of a property can properly pass on to heirs.

Attorney Mills is an experienced Cleveland estate attorney, and can help you name the heirs of your property in your will so that the probate process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. He can also talk to you about other options for the speedy transfer of your assets at the time of your death. Attorney Mills has been serving those in the Cleveland, Ohio area and suburbs for more than 25 years. His attention to detail, deadlines, and the interests of his clients have a proven track record of successful and thorough estate planning. Contact our Cleveland estate planning law firm to ensure your loved ones avoid stress and your estate transfers smoothly to heirs.

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At Charles E. Mills & Associates full-service law firm we are dedicated to serving our Cuyahoga County clients. We talk with you about each phase of the process, answer your questions, and meticulously plan your family estate. Don’t hesitate to contact Charles E. Mills & Associates to begin the process of caring for your loved one’s estate. Your initial 1/2 hour consultation is free, so please call our office today at 440-822-3375.