Planning Care for an Incapacitated Adult

Cleveland Estate Planning Attorney Charles E. Mills: Legal Care for the Elderly

If you are caring or responsible for the welfare of an elderly parent, spouse or loved one who has become incapacitated as a result of dementia, Alzheimer’s or other illness or condition, you are probably already aware of the legal and medical decisions you may be facing. There are many questions to be answered in planning and implementing the care and protection of someone who is suffering from a decline or failure of mental capability.

Planning For Care of an Incapacitated Adult

It is important to act quickly to determine whether or not the person can participate at all in decision-making and planning, and to what extent, and proceed accordingly. Planning for an incapacitated adult is likely to include:

  • Health care and long-term care
  • Financial and property care
  • Power of attorney and guardian arrangements
  • Execution of legal documents such as a trust, living will or advance directive
  • Proper retention and updating of key documents

In addition to legal concerns, someone who is caring for an incapacitated family member may face an often bewildering maze of medical and administrative details. Seeking the assistance of a trained, knowledgeable attorney skilled in the areas of elder care and estate planning can help relieve the burden and stress that is often a part of such situations, freeing you to focus on the more personal aspects of caring for your loved one.

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