Living Will or Advance Health Care Directives

Create a Living Will or Advance Health Care Directive With an Attorney

Life is unpredictable and you never know when you could end up with a medical emergency. When the unexpected happens however, you can be prepared. A Living Will and a Health Care Power of Attorney, sometimes referred to as an Advanced Health Care Directives, can help you outline your wishes for medical treatment and grant authority to another person to make decisions if you are not able to make those decisions yourself.

The Importance of Working With an Estate Planning Lawyer

While there are many forms available to create a living will or Health Care Power of Attorney on your own, it is important to work with an attorney to be certain you understand all of the options and implications of these documents and that any documents you sign comply with Ohio law. A lawyer can provide you with valuable advice about the types of documents you need to protect yourself should you become incapacitated.
At Charles E. Mills & Associates, we will listen to your concerns and help you create a custom estate plan, tailored to your needs and wishes. In addition to helping you create a living will or Health Care Power of Attorney, we can work with you to develop a Last Will and Testament or trust, plan for estate taxes and create other estate planning tools to help you meet your goals.

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Questions Your Living Will Can Answer

  • A living will can provide guidance to your loved ones and your doctor if you become incapacitated, in a terminal condition or are in a vegetative state. Some questions that your living will can answer include:
  • Do I want to be resuscitated? Would I prefer to have a do not resuscitate (DNR) order?
  • Am I okay with the doctors using mechanical breathing machines to keep me alive to help with my breathing and respiration?
  • Will I allow tube feeding to keep me alive?
  • Can the doctors perform CPR?

Your Living Will can also include information about your wishes for organ donation. In situations that are not covered by your living will, a durable power of attorney can allow you to appoint a loved one to make medical decisions on your behalf. When you work with our firm, we can help you understand your options and the wide range of estate planning tools available to you.

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