Protecting Family Assets and Resources

Cleveland, Ohio Estate Planning Law Firm Explains Spousal Assets & Family Resources

If you are considering using family or spousal resources to pay for nursing home expenses in Ohio, contact the Cleveland law firm of Charles E. Mills for guidance. We know that the financial burden of nursing care can be intimidating. Charles E. Mills can listen to your situation and discuss with you your financial options. There are both pros and cons to using family resources, depending on your situation. When you contact our estate planning law firm, we can apply our extensive experience to your circumstance.

Should I Use Family Resources to Pay For Nursing Home Expenses?

Many people opt to use some form of insurance or government assistance to finance nursing home expenses or end-of-life care. However, you may have the option to use your own financial resources. Using family resources to pay for elder care has benefits such as jurisdiction over the type of nursing home facility, the type of care give, and many other decisions that might otherwise be made by a third party.

Known as “self-insuring”, using family resources requires both long-term financial planning and access to financial resources. It is in your best interest to seek the legal guidance of an experienced family resources and estate planning attorney in this situation. Seeking the assistance of a trained, knowledgeable skilled in the areas of using family resources and spousal assets can help relieve the burden and stress that is often a part of such situations.

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