How to Get Medicaid in Ohio

Medicaid Applications Made Easier With the Legal Help of Ohio Attorney Charles E. Mills

Trying to figure out whether you or elderly members of your family are eligible for Medicaid benefits can prove to be quite the hassle. Important decisions regarding your assets including whether and how to spend down assets to qualify for Medicaid should not be made without complete understanding of legal implications.

Without the assistance of an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in this area of law, the Medicaid process can be complicated, frustrating and confusing. Perhaps more importantly, one mistake can cost thousands of dollars in lost benefits. Let Cleveland Attorney Charles E. Mills assist you with Medicaid planning. Utilizing the assistance of a trained, knowledgeable lawyer skilled and experienced in the areas of Medicaid laws, elder care, and estate planning can help relieve the stressful task of dealing with the maze of legal and medical details that are involved.

Is it Possible to “Plan” For Medicaid?

Because Medicaid is subject to both federal and individual state guidelines, and is designed to assist those who are impoverished, the rules governing Medicaid are difficult to navigate. Basically, Medicaid is a program run by the federal and state governments that will pay for nursing home care for eligible seniors and in some situations will also provide for assisted living costs.

Yes, it IS possible to plan for Medicaid, and with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you can plan for this phase of your medical care effectively. Attorney Mills examines and explains all planning opportunities to be certain that the very best decisions are made for your unique situation.

Often clients believe it is too late to do anything once mom or dad has entered a hospital or long term care facility. This is one of the many errors made by an uninformed or misinformed person.
Our law firm always takes a practical approach to Medicaid planning and asset protection, keeping in mind that the goal is the best interest of the elder adult and his or her community spouse, if applicable. We step you through the process with care and thoughtfulness, answer your questions, and help provide the solutions and legal protections that meet your individual situation.

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